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About us

About Us

Who We Are

SaNDAI Cares is the not-for-profit arm of SaNDAi Global. SaNDAI Global is a minority-owned business with headquarters in Fairfax, VA. Our experience and track record underscore our commitment to delivering exceptional data management and analysis services. Our extensive history of successful engagements across various industries showcases our expertise, innovation, and dedication to driving positive change.

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals, each possessing industry knowledge, certifications, and a passion for innovation. We stay current with evolving trends, ensuring our clients receive the latest expertise.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to make data analytics fun!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help clients tell amazing stories using data and AI.

We Are Accountable

Compliance & Ethics

We uphold stringent data privacy practices, complying with industry regulations and standards. Our ethical Al practices prioritize transparency, fairness, and accountability.

Partnerships & Collaborations

We thrive on partnerships with industry organizations, technology providers, and academic institutions. Collaborative projects enable us to deliver innovative solutions.

Certifications & Recognitions

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our industry recognitions and certifications. These accolades underscore our dedication to quality and innovation.

Our Divisions

SaNDAI Cares

Our non-profit arm. We empower leaders of not-for-profit organizations worldwide by helping them leverage data.

SaNDAI Global

Our parent company. We help governments, businesses, and non-profits build data analytics and AI services capabilities via subscription analytics services.

SaNDAI Government Sphere

Our government arm. We help government leaders needing large-scale data management or analytics solutions get the support needed.

SaNDAI Learning Center

Our training center for data analytics and generative AI. We upskill employees, the underrepresented, and students.

Meet the team

Meet our Senior Team

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Williams, Sr.

Jeremy is an accomplished business strategist, financial manager, and thought leader. He has 20+ years of experience providing C-suite executives and boards of Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profit organizations, and governmental agencies with the insights and perspectives needed to inform business decisions, improve operational efficiency, boost profitability, and ignite organizational change.

Jeremy earned a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in finance from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Florida A&M University.

Director of Operations

Jeremy Williams, Jr.

Jeremy Jr. (JJ) is a highly skilled and accomplished senior data manager at SaNDAI. He is an integral part of the team, working closely with company principals to collect and analyze data, create detailed charts and graphs, and prepare data for forecasting models.

JJ recently earned a Bachelor of Science in finance with a minor in data analytics from George Mason University, further solidifying his knowledge and expertise in the field. He is a lifelong learner who seeks new challenges and opportunities to expand his skill set.

Director of Business Development

Brach Roache’

Brach is a seasoned professional in commercial marketing management, bringing a diverse skill set and holding a B.S. in Architecture and Urban Development from Morgan State University. With over a decade of experience, Brach has excelled in roles such as Marketing Tour Manager at Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy USA and Senior Account Manager at Oracle CoreTech. In these positions, he showcased exceptional leadership, organizational prowess, and a track record of achieving and exceeding goals.

His proactive approach to business planning and report generation has consistently delivered impressive bottom-line results, reflecting a results-driven mindset. Brach is adept at navigating complex sales, managing pipelines, and developing value propositions, contributing to the success of various organizations.

Director of Analytics

Thrishlaa Murthy

Thrish is a talented analyst with 7+ years of experience seamlessly connecting organizational IT capabilities with business operations and overseeing complex software development projects. Thrish is well-versed in various aspects, including Product Strategy, Vision, Execution, Business Analysis, Requirements gathering, Gap Analysis, and Cost-Benefit Analysis.

Thriving in development methodologies like Waterfall, Agile Scrum, SAFe, and Rational Unified Process, Thrish brings proficiency in technical skills such as R, Python, Tableau, Power BI, and Advanced Excel. With a keen ability to track, maintain, and analyze KPIs, she excels in using MVPs to drive decisions and implement strategies for product development.

Thrish holds a Bachelor’s degree from Anna University and an Master of Business Administration from The University of Alabama in Huntsville. Her goal is to utilize her skills to channel data effectively, ensuring organizations are built to serve people and their evolving needs.

Drector of Training Programs

Claudette Keen

Claudette is a vibrant soul whose journey weaves through the artistic tapestry of Loudoun County. From dance studios in Sterling, Virginia, to leadership at Broad Run High School, Claudette’s path has been a dance between creativity, service, and leadership.

Claudette obtained degrees in Communication Design from Northern Virginia Community College and Graphic Design from George Mason University. However, her true calling is in shaping young minds. Leading summer camps and after-school programs for Loudoun County Government, she has earned accolades for dedication, including a Valor Award for a saving a stranger’s life.

Claudette shares her life with three children. Her journey, a blend of art, leadership, and service, is a testament to the beauty of creations that touch the lives of others.

Director of Financial Management Systems

Ahmed Kahie

Ahmed is an ambitious, energetic individual known for his creativity, flexibility, and dynamic approach. With a strong analytical mindset and exceptional communication skills, he thrives on contributing to exciting technological advances. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Cairo University, he furthered his expertise with an A+ certificate from Arlington County, Virginia, and a Software Development certification from PeopleNtech.

Driven by his passion for data analytics, he is planning to pursue a master’s in data analytics at Georgia Tech University in 2024. His goal is to positively contribute to society through determined efforts and continuous learning.

Data Systems Manager

Jayden Williams

Jayden Williams serves as a Data Systems Manager, contributing to the mission of empowering health center leaders through analytics, process automation, and AI. He provides valuable support to lead a team of data analysts on significant projects.

He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Software Engineering at George Mason University.